Our Mission

To create a better future through our Tai Sheng enterprise.

Our Vision

To build our future based on the core values of Symbiosis, Sharing and Harmony.

Business Overview




Food & Beverage

Food Processing




Online Retail

Real Estate Development

Resort and Hospitality




Our Brands

Sun Island

Golf Series

Sun Island Golf pursues the harmonious blend of natural beauty and fine craftsmanship. Sun Island Golf designs, develops and operates golf courses in Kunshan, Suzhou, Yangzhou and Nanjing .


Sun Island Resorts Shanghai is equipped with full meeting facilities, leisure and recreational activities, set amidst golfing greens and flowing rivers.


Suzhou Sun Island





Shanghai Singapore International School

SSIS delivers the holistic development of a resourceful, confident and independent learner within a caring and nurturing environment. We are committed to develop our students a passion for life and a love for learning through a well-balanced education.

SSIS offers a complete Grade K-12 education for the expatriate community in Shanghai. It has a strong tradition with international accreditations, led by a dedicated academic faculty.

SSIS adopts a comprehensive bilingual curriculum, providing a world-class learning experience.

From preschool to high school

State-of-the-art facilities

Unique programs and activities


Mahota Commune is not just your regular grocery store, nor just a restaurant or café, it is a space with a variety of activities, inviting public interaction and exploration. The project was conceptualized to answer to the city’s need for a different way of experiencing how we usually dine out, shop or interact with others socially.

We hope to highlight the inter-connectedness of man and his environment, to not only show how our food and consumption choices affect the world we live in, but also to highlight the healing power of nature and how holistic wellness may be achieved. It is our dream to empower others to fulfil their full wellbeing potential, to live the good life and to do good.

Mahota Kitchen

Mahota Clinic

Mahota Farm

Mahota Market

Mahota Preschool

Mahota Town

Prime Singapore

Prime Supermarket operates a chain of 20+ stores across Singapore. With the mission to provide fresh products at reasonable prices with friendly service so as to achieve “Everything Fresh, Everyday Prime”, Prime has also expanded into import trading, developed its house brand Prime Choice, and created an online shopping experience with home delivery.

Prime Food & Grocer

Prime Supermarket

Prime Membership

Mahota Seafarm

Mahota Seafarm is a fast-growing Singapore-owned seafood farm founded in 2018 based on the philosophy of personal health, social harmony and environmental sustainability. Located at the eastern coast of Pulau Tekong, it is away from crowded human settlements, providing conducive environment for Aquaculture. The seafarm uses renewable energy and maintains biodiversity, providing healthy living environment not just for its farmed animals but also for the crew on board. The crew work by shifts, utilizing Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor water environment, ensuring fish welfare.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Seafarm

Freshness and Quality Guaranteed

Achieve Singapore's Mission 30-by-30

Tai Sheng Academy

In the past 100 years, Tan’s family has realized the concept of Taisheng – symbiosis, sharing and harmony. The philosophy created a sustainable enterprise and a series of life-friendly models such as Tai Sheng Corporate Culture, Tai Sheng Education, Tai Sheng Agricultural and Tai Sheng Wellness.

Tai Sheng Culture

Tai Sheng Education

Tai Sheng Agriculture

Tai Sheng Wellness